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Connecting People with Data Worldwide


Stowe Research is comprised of skilled and highly successful consultants and engineers and provides its clients with exceptionally talented individuals that apply cultivated methologies to every business problem.

Stowe Research International, U.S.A has a strategic alliance with its sister organization located in new Delhi, India that provide comprehensive Application Development services.  While Stowe Research U.S.A has a few software developers located in the U.S., almost all database research, design and software production is completed overseas.

In addition to developing its own software products, Stowe Research also provides custom application development services from small-scale database development services to developing distributed enterprise-scale software applications utlizing a variety of stable, popular technologies.

Our strength lies in ensuring that the database platform and design you grow your business upon is sound, stable and sustainable.

Our Information Technology Consultants will help you pick implentations that are right for your environment and your budget.  We have been successful not only because we are qualified, but also because we care about the success of our clients - we wish to see our solutions help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be...

If you need help with your IT infrastructure, your Web presence or Software applications contact us at:

Stowe Research International, Inc.
3235 Old Conejo Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Barry Hayman
Director: Sales

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