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Products for Business

  • Stowe-Trakker
    This product is a database backed RFID compliant multi-user file management system for use in offices that manage large numbers of files or other distinct items (library books, for example).  The application manages workflow and utilizes a user-defined authorization hierarchy allowing users to check-in and check-out files including automatic scheduling, queuing and E-mail notifications.

The Application works with custom RFID tags and/or barcodes so that items may be scanned in and out without the need for data entry using a keypad.

  • Stowe-ServicePlus
    This product is a multi-user Service provisioning system for use by businesses that schedule service calls and track warranty repairs.  This product is in use by UPS distributors and dealers as well as other repair facilities where service calls are tracked from their inception to their conclusion.

Warranty repairs are managed and tracked automatically and include notifications so that time and money are saved when servicing products under a manufacturers warranty.

Products for Government

  • Agrimetric TM
    Agrimetric is a new product developed for County Departments of Agriculture to assist them with Pest Control Operator Registrations, Inspections, Permitting and Pesticide Use Reporting, the generation of Notices of Intent (NOI's) and uses ESRI's ArcGIS Engine Runtime to aid in researching the application of restricted materials at a particular Site.

There are no products today that do everything Agrimetric does - this is a comprehensive application built on Microsoft's SQL Express Product (jurisdictions may choose to use SQL Server as well) developed primarily because County jurisdictions expressed dissatisfaction with other available options.

To arrange a demo, call Barry Hayman at 949.679.4317 (Barry.Hayman@stoweresearch.com) or visit www.agrimetric.com for more information.

  • Equimetric ®
    Equimetric is a comprehensive suite of applications designed to meet the Field Inspection, Reporting, Device Registration, and Management requirements of California Weights & Measures jurisdictions.  Equimetric was designed from the ground up to simplify device registration and billing, reduce inspection costs, eliminate data entry errors and ease reporting efforts.  Comprised of over 6 million lines of code and 400+ modules, Equimetric is a full-featured application that helps County Sealers fulfill their important consumer protection responsibilities.  Features of the application include:

    • Device, Packer and Point-of-Sale Registrations
    • Service Billings
    • Certificates of Inspection
    • Heavy Capacity Inspections
    • LPG Inspections
    • Taxi Meter Inspections
    • Vehicle Tank Inspections
    • Weighmaster Audits
    • Audit Inspections
    • Package Inspections
    • Point of Sale (Scanner) Inspections
    • Test Purchases
    • Test Sales
    • APC Inspections
    • Petroleum Inspections
    • Complaint Forms & tracking
    • Daily Reports
    • Legal Actions
    • Notices of Violation & tracking

Equimetric is currently in use at a number of California Counties and includes the generation of automatic Monthly Reports for the California Division of Measurement Standards (Monthly DMS Report).

To arrange a demo, call Barry Hayman at 949.679.4317 (Barry.Hayman@stoweresearch.com) or visit www.equimetric.com for more information.

Products for Developers

  •  The Stowe Development Framework (SDF)
    The SDF is a set of development tools built using the Microsoft .NET Framework to speed up application development.  Besides providing a stable platform for .NET application development, the SDF provides enhanced functionality to developers so they may rapidly design professional, stable applications.

The SDF includes well documented API's so that developers may commence .NET development with little effort.  The SDF resides on top of the Microsoft .NET Framework and its primary advantage is the provisioning of the following functionality:

    • Standardized API calls to the  .NET Framework
    • Flexible Database Connection Classes (connect to SQL, dB2, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
    • Standardized, Granular Security Framework
    • SMS messaging capabilities to cell phones, and other mobile devices
    • AdHoc Querying and Reporting functionality

Stowe Research uses the SDF to rapidly develop software prototypes which greatly reduces end-user and client costs.  A significant advantage of the SDF is that it is designed to enable adaptability, maintainability and enhancement of Database Applications over long periods of time - eventually contributing to application longevity.

Interested developers please call Barry Hayman at 949.679.4317 (Barry.Hayman@stoweresearch.com) for more information.

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