Tuesday, March 26, 2019




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Developed for County Departments of Agriculture, Agrimetric provides County Agricultural Commissioners with a comprehensive, automated solution to managing their departments function.

The Agrimetric product is built using the Stowe Development Framework (SDF) and utilizes the Microsoft .NET Framework to provide enhanced functionality to end-users.

Agrimetric includes the following applications:

  • PCO Registration
  • Inspections
  • Permitting (including Site definitions)
  • Pesticide Use Reporting
  • Notices of Intent generation
  • GIS tools for the biologist when issuing restricted materials permits

Agrimetric was designed to minimize the license fees paid by County jurisdictions and uses Microsoft SQL Express and ESRI's embedded ArcGIS Engine Runtime to provide enhanced GIS capabilities - a variety of maps may be loaded from online sources as well as map servers.

Agrimetric was developed so that Counties could use one comprehensive product for all their activities.  Distirbuted, independent and separate solutions exist today - none of them can satisfy the requirement that one application manages the entire County Departmental Agriculture function.

Please visit www.agrimetric.com for more information or call Barry Hayman at 949.679.4317 (Barry.Hayman@stoweresearch.com) .

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