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Equimetric is a comprehensive suite of applications designed to meet the Field Inspection, Reporting, Device Registration, and Management requirements of California Weights & Measures jurisdictions.  Equimetric was designed from the ground up to simplify device registration and billing, reduce inspection costs, eliminate data entry errors and ease reporting efforts.  Comprised of over 6 million lines of code and 400+ modules, Equimetric is a full-featured application that helps County Sealers fulfill their important consumer protection responsibilities. 

Features of the application include:

  • Device, Packer and Point-of-Sale Registrations
  • Service Billings
  • Certificates of Inspection
  • Heavy Capacity Inspections
  • LPG Inspections
  • Taxi Meter Inspections
  • Vehicle Tank Inspections
  • Weighmaster Audits
  • Audit Inspections
  • Package Inspections
  • Point of Sale (Scanner) Inspections
  • Test Purchases
  • Test Sales
  • APC Inspections
  • Petroleum Inspections
  • Complaint Forms & tracking
  • Daily Reports
  • Legal Actions
  • Notices of Violation & tracking

Equimetric is currently in use at a number of California Counties and includes the generation of automatic Monthly Reports for the California Division of Measurement Standards (Monthly DMS Report).

To arrange a demo, call Barry Hayman at 949.679.4317 (Barry.Hayman@stoweresearch.com) or visit www.equimetric.com for more information.

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