Tuesday, March 26, 2019




Connecting People with Data Worldwide


Most software developers ignore best-practice database design fundamentals in their delivery of custom software applications.  We can't afford to do that as our applications must run for years regardless of operating system upgrades, database software platform upgrades and other changes that render traditional development methods obsolete.

Whether you need a single database or a distributed system, our Architects research and design a database foundation that will grow with your business.  We build in numerous custom configuration elements into our databases so that application functionality changes depending on these confguration items.

We approach every development project with a sound, stable and evolutionary database design - we understand that the database is the engine that drives the application and not vice-versa.  Our database design services extend beyond the traditional - our clients are frequently surprised when a change request gets satisfied with no code changes and no cost.

How do we do this?  By thinking every project through before we do anything else - our focus on data is essential to application migration.  In an application migration project, we start with data migration when most others wait until the end to load data into new structures.  As a result we find exceptions, incorrect structure definitions and just plain old bad data before one line of code is written.

We believe in the longevity of our software applications and our database design lies at the heart of this requirement - when you choose Stowe, you choose longevity.

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