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Our strength in developing stable, robust and scalable custom software applications have helped numerous clients measure and enhance their productivity over time. We research the latest developments in software platforms and database architectures so that our solutions meet the rigorous demands placed on them in todays busy marketplace.

And - we do it all for a reasonable and fixed price.  We prefer fixed-price software development contracts because the customer has traditionally believed they shoulder all the risk in a software development endeavor.  We wish to share that risk with our clients.  Most will assume that a fixed-price will necessarily involve change requests - we have found that as a result of our Agile development practices, there is little need for a change request procedure.  Rapid prototyping in the earliest stages of development ensure that requests for changes are made early on and this results in minimizing user change requests during the later stages of product development.

We know what it takes to build an enterprise-scale database software application - we've been doing it for years and with continued success.  It is common knowledge that the majority of custom software application development projects fail.  What isn't common knowledge is that this can be avoided with the proper development methodology.

At Stowe Research we've used Iterative Development (also called Agile Development) techniques for a number of years with the result that our clients see products take shape even before any documentation is produced.  We do not believe in wasting time in developing the traditional documentation and scheduling numerous meetings before developmen commences - when a prototype can be rapidly developed and demonstrated with more than the expected capabilities, why waste precious time determining what the documentation should look like.  This doesn't mean that we don't produce documentation - it's just that documentation takes a back seat to development.

Agile development depends on rapid protyping for its success - business needs evolve continuously and waiting for a software product for any length of time will guarantee its obsolescence.  Our clients rely on our rapid delivery to dramatically shorten the development life-cycle.  This helps them get to market quickly and become productive immediately.

We use proven QA methods (including code inspection) to ensure that all developed software lives up to our rigorous quality standards.

In order to minimize the chances of errors, we use the Stowe Development Framework (SDF) in the execution of all our software projects - this has proved to be a life saver for our clients.

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